Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion applies only to orders placed with, and acknowledged by AST, for 6 months after Iridium’s Commercial Service Introduction (CSI).
  2. All orders are subject to approval by AST – application to the promotion does not guarantee acceptance by AST.
  3. Applications are to be made via the website http://astintegra.com/iridium-certus/
  4. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a formal purchase order for the terminal and complete a dedicated airtime agreement to secure the terminal(s).
  5. Acceptance to the promotion is dependent on customers subscribing to an airtime plan with AST within one month of receipt of terminal.
  6. The promotion covers the following terminals: Cobham SAILOR 4300, Thales VesseLINK and Thales MissionLINK only.
  7. For deliveries direct to end user customers, the 3 month promotional period commences once the terminal is delivered.
  8. For deliveries to channel partners, the 3 month promotional period commences 2 weeks after delivery to the Partner’s delivery address. (or immediately if shipment is made to any other address).
  9. Terminals will be invoiced on dispatch from AST with a delayed 3 months payment term (or 3 ½ months if shipment is made to channel partner addresses per point 8 above).
  10. All airtime usage, including monthly recurring subscriptions, will be payable by the customer.
  11. IRIS includes Location Based Services (not Remote Terminal Manager) and is compatible with the Thales VesseLINK and Thales MissionLINK terminals only at this time.
  12. This promotion includes Integra Control and IRIS (for applicable terminals) free for the 3 month duration.
  13. At the end of the promotional period, INTEGRA Control and IRIS monthly subscriptions will become chargeable as per the signed airtime agreement.
  14. This Promotion is limited to a maximum of 1 terminal per end user, and 3 per channel partner unless otherwise agreed by AST.
  15. The promotion is limited to a total of 50 terminals and can be extended or closed at AST’s discretion.
  16. AST Hardware can only be used with AST SIMs.
  17. If the promotion is offered through an AST channel partner it must be passed on ‘as is’ to the end user. i.e. All terms and conditions of the offer are to be passed on to the End user without modification.
  18. This offer covers the terminal only for the free period, and does not cover any other costs – including installation or de-installation of terminals.
  19. Terminals are shipped Ex-works (incoterms 2010).
  20. Terminals are to be suitably insured by the customer for the duration of the promotional free period.
  21. If the customer wishes to keep the terminal, payment must be made in full on or before the expiration date of the customer’s promotional free period.
  22. Title of goods for the terminal does not pass to customer until full and final payment for the terminal is received by AST.
  23. Notification of terminal return and service deactivation must be made no less than 2 weeks before the expiration of the promotional period, and sent by e-mail to your usual provider or AST Account Manager – stating IMEI and SIM details.
  24. Terminals can be returned at any time during the promotional period.
  25. Terminals must be returned complete and in the original packaging.
  26. Fair wear and tear on returned terminals is acceptable. If terminal damage is deemed by AST to go beyond fair wear and tear, then the full terminal price will be payable.
  27. Terminals being returned must be to the original shipping location and shipped Delivery Duty Paid by an “air” or similarly expedited service using a fully tracked and insured courier service and at the cost of the end user/channel partner.
  28. The terminal warranty terms apply during the promotional free period and for the remaining warranty period thereafter.
  29. Should the terminal be lost or damaged, the terminal invoice will be payable in full.
  30. Standard AST Terms, Conditions and Policies also apply unless superseded by these promotional terms and conditions
  31. AST reserves the right to withdraw or withhold this promotion at any time for any reason.

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• 3 years free warranty
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